Volunteer at the big event CONFLUENCE!

On May 19-22, it will be possible to see the Mythical Beast of Kaunas up close again. It seems that we have recently found ourselves in CONFUSION and opened the year of the European Capital of Culture title, and we will soon invite the citizens to watch and participate in the second action of the trilogy: CONFLUENCE, which will bring us back to the rivers of Kaunas!

The second action of the grand trilogy will be overwhelming because of the abundance of activities and will form one huge celebration of the city, inviting spectators to resolve their internal contradictions and celebrate unity. On 21st of May the grand show on the water will take place.

During the impressive weekend, everyone will be met by world-famous acrobats, labyrinths full of challenges, 2 different music stages, a fair that has already become a tradition, various river rides and many other surprises.


• Become part of the show and assist in the performance of world-famous acrobats;
• assist the team in the European Capital of Culture forum;
• help in the backstage;
• participate in the Courtyard festival;
• meet and inform viewers and coordinate their flows;
• help to implement various activities in Santaka park:
• inform visitors in infocenters;
• meet and assist the foreign guests of the event;
• photographing, filming and disseminating information about events;
• assist in volunteer centers;
• become a technical volunteer and take care of the event branding.


Become a long-term volunteer!

Culturists are the volunteers of the project “Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022“ – it is their energy and “cultural muscles“ that lift the culture of the city up to the higher level.

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Anyone can volunteer – although we value skills or experience, they are not mandatory. However, we hope that a person who would like to become a Culturist is:

• Motivated
• Open and tolerant
• Responsible
• Team player


• Get new skills.
See organizing multi-thousand events from very close, contribute to their success, Take part in volunteer trainings to develop hospitality, leadership, tour guiding skills and become a local expert.
• Meet new people.
Be in the centre of the cultural action: meet not just your city-dwellers and other volunteers, but also many renowned creators and artists.
• Spend time meaningfully.
Every guest you host or event you shoot with your camera is not just another task, but a very purposeful step towards Kaunas becoming a contemporary capital of culture.
• Get a unique experience.
Having the title of the European Capital of Culture granted to Kaunas is a significant achievement. Experience a year-long programme together with the city community, see a variety of events, enjoy being there and share unforgettable moments.


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