Naujamiestis route

2020 August 3
kauno audiniai_ikonele

Textile factory “Kauno audiniai”

Textile factories have become significant places of modernization and architectural innovations both in Europe and in Lithuania since the Industrial Revolution. The largest textile factories in Lithuania began to sprout in the second half of the 1930s, mainly in Kaunas and Klaipeda. It was the golden age of the textile industry in Lithuania.
2020 June 30
lietukio ikonele 3

Former office building of the “Lietūkis” company

Apparently, the office of one of the largest cooperatives in Lithuania, which had a very significant impact on the economy of independent Lithuania, seems a bit modest. Especially when comparing it with the offices of "Pažanga" or "Pienocentras" companies in Laisvės Avenue. However, the "palace" of the company was considered to be a real decoration of Vytautas Avenue.
2020 June 24
kino teatras odeon

Movie theater “Odeon”

This was the first building built especially for a movie theatre in Kaunas. Although cinema in Kaunas was not new before, from 1907 to 1926 it was not shown in buildings built specifically for cinemas, but only in buildings adapted to them, usually in various halls.
2020 April 28

Office of the “Ateitininkai” organization

"Ateitininkai" is a Catholic youth organization that, in addition to social and educational activities, took care of the material support of its members, including students, and tried to create conditions for poor young people to study. In 1928 the building, which opened its doors, became the organization’s refuge, its economic and cultural center.
2020 February 3

State printing house, later – Vytautas Magnus University

The construction of this building was driven by the need to have a state printing house, which had to fully meet the needs of the state press. This is the first large state edifice built during the period of national independence, the first to be built as a result of an international bidding competition, and the first designed by a foreign architect.
2020 February 3

The Ministry of Justice and the Parliament building

This is the building that once proclaimed: "Justice is the foundation of states". During the interwar period, just a few buildings were created for state institutions, so these few examples allow us to look at how the state sought to represent itself in architectural spaces. The Ministry of Justice, the Supreme Tribunal and other judicial services, and later the Seimas (Parliament), were established here.
2019 October 30

Residential house of Janina Rožanskienė

This house was built in 1939 and belonged to the dentist Janina Rožanskienė. She not only lived, but also worked here. No less interesting is the fact that the doctor took care not only of the beauty of his patients' mouths, but also of the street, where the house stood.
2019 October 1

Garage of American–Lithuanian trade company (“AMLIT”)

In 1921 The American–Lithuanian Trade Company (“Amlitas”) was established. It is considered to be one of the major players in the development of inter-war Lithuania motoring and transport. The company, which at the beginning was specializing in the sale and repair of cars and tractors and their parts, later expanded its activities to collect Amlit bicycles adapted for the Lithuanian provincial roads, Ford passenger cars, as well as buses for the city of Kaunas.
2019 March 18

County government

This is a typical Kaunas administrative building whose structure and composition were set not just by its corner location but also by its two-fold function. The building originally housed all county government offices (Laisvės Ave.) and the Security Department (Vytauto Blvd.).