2022 Conference

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About the Conference

The conference marks the symbolic conclusion of the “Modernism for the Future” programme, which has been running over the last five years as part of Kaunas’ European Capital of Culture 2022. Intensive work on interpretations of modernism has confirmed that an essential condition for the successful integration of a historic urban layer into the contemporary city is a multifaceted narrative combining the knowledge, stories and motivations of scholars, heritage professionals, artists, heritage site owners, the heritage community at large and an enthusiastic public. Only a multifaceted picture of historic architecture reflects the complexities and contradictions of the built environment. Focusing on the dialogue between art and heritage, and taking the architectural legacy of the 20th century as the principal example, we took these sites as a cultural heritage laboratory, where today’s interdisciplinary interpretations and histories are as important as the authentic signs of the past.

The conference aimed to summarise and celebrate the experience of Kaunas and to continue the discussion on artistic interpretations of heritage based on the experiences of different cultures and regions. Speakers were sharing insights into modernism as a source of creative inspiration and optimism and discussed examples of artistic representations of modernist architecture and its heritage. The conference discussed not only how heritage can be influenced by the subjective perceptions and ideologies of a time or people, but also how heritage, especially modern heritage, can affect the planet and people, and how to preserve and valorise it in times of ecological crises so that it is relevant for future generations. All of these discussions are very important for possible visions for the future of heritage conservation to help us THINK ABOUT THE FUTURE.


The outcome of the conference is a series of podcasts prepared with the cooperation of Kęstutis and Kotryna Lingiai. The collection involves 10 episodes of digital audio programmes, which allow the listeners to directly hear the speakers of the conference, who are specialists from various fields and geographies. The topics of the podcasts vary from subjective artistic interpretations to the objective scientific research of the modern heritage both for contemporary practices and the future of heritage preservation.

Videos of conference presentations:

Welcome speech (V. Petrulis, A. Vilčinskas, V. Vitkienė, U. Pottgiesser)

Keynote: Aideen Barry

Keynote: Jorge Otero-Pailos

Discussion: Jorge Otero-Pailos, A. Barry ir U. Pottgiesser

Round table discussion: “Modern Heritage and Subjectivity”“

Round table discussion: „Modern heritage and Anthropocene“

Round table discussion: „Contemporary interpretation practices for contested modernist heritages“

Photo archive:

Photos of the Conference by M. Pociūtė and G. Jovaiša, 2022.

2018 Conference

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The year 2018 was designated the European Year of Cultural Heritage in the European Union, highlighting the European cultural heritage as a source of memory, identity, dialogue, unitedness and creativity. This initiative coincided with the centenary of the restoration of the Lithuanian state, thus in Lithuania a particular focus was placed on the signs of modernisation, and especially the architecture of modernism, through which one can truly witness the dynamism and optimism of Europe of that time. On this occasion, the architecture and heritage program “Modernism for the Future” of the project Kaunas 2022 – European Capital of Culture initiated the International Modernism Conference “Modernism for the Future”, dedicated to the research and dissemination of modernist architecture. The Conference was attended by speakers from a dozen European and world countries, and provided insights into the significance of modernism architecture on a global scale. Moreover, the speakers presented examples of successful heritage preservation, as well as possible visions for the future.


Conference Booklet

The booklet contains the programme of the conference, descriptions of the sessions, as well as speaker abstracts and bios.

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Conference Proceedings

The Conference Proceedings include information on the Conference, speaker bios, session descriptions, and the papers presented.

Video Clips:

Opening Speeches (Simonas Kairys, Asta Junevičienė, Evelina Karalevičienė, Arūnas Gelūnas)

Guest Speaker Mart Kalm (Estonia)

Session "National Modernisms" (moderator G. Jankevičiūtė):

Matthew Rampley (Great Britain)

Karina Horsta (Latvia)

Vendula Hnídková (Czech Republic)

Serena De Dominicis (Italy)


Session "Multiple Modernities/Modernisms" (moderated by M. Drėmaitė)

Ines Weizman (Germany)

Michał Wiśniewski (Poland)

Bilge İmamoğlu (Turkey)

Mark Crinson (United Kingdom)

Session "Historic Urban Landscapes of Modernism as UNESCO World Heritage Sites" (moderator V. Petrulis)

Edward Denison (United Kingdom)

Mike Turner (United Kingdom)

Sharon Golan Yaron (Israel)

Fernando Espinosa de los Monteros Rosillo (Spain)


Session "Artistic Interpretations of Modernism" (moderator V. Migonytė-Petrulienė)

Partha Mitter (United Kingdom)

Virginija Vitkienė (Lithuania)

Camilla Borghese (Italy)

Aideen Barry (Irland)


Photo archive:

Konferencijos akimirkos. Nuotraukų autorius A. Aleksandravičius.