Žaliakalnio medinukai

2020 February 3
gedmanto namo ikonele

House of officer Antanas Gedmantas

It was a house from which family members or guests could watch the Lithuanian song festivals happening in the neighborhood. In this house facing the street with a balcony, officer Antanas Gedmantas and his family settled in 1928.
2019 May 1

House of Miliauskai family

This house was built in 1931 by Valerijonas and Paulina Miliauskai. The project was prepared and supervised by engineer Vincas Ruškevičius. However, in 1933 Miliauskai sold this house to the Kerpės family – the grandparents and great-grandparents of the current house owners.
2019 March 11

House of sculptor Juozas Zikaras

The house of Lithuanian sculptor Juozas Zikaras where he lived with his family: his wife Anelė Tubelytė-Zikarienė, and their 4 children – Vaidutis Zikaras, Teisutis Zikaras, Vainutis Zikaras and Alytė Zikaraitė. In 2001, the building opened its doors as a museum.
2019 January 31
j ir s gruodziu namo ikonele

The house of musician Juozas Gruodis

This house of Juozas and Stasė Gruodžiai was designed by Feliksas Vizbaras and built in 1932. It stands in the spacious and lush green natural abode, next to the Neris River. Composer J. Gruodis lived in this house from when he first moved in, in 1932, until his death in 1948. Together with his wife Stasė, they turned the house into their little paradise.