A summer resort – Kačerginė

2020 August 18
Valtienės vilos ikonėlė

Villa of Valčiai family

Two adjacent summer houses in Kačerginė belonged to sisters Pranciška Ona Skomskienė and Zofija Valtienė. Both of them were designed and built by their brother Juozas Paulauskas. The summer houses designed by the same person also had individual features. The villa of Zofia and her husband Jonas, a lawyer, had a wooden tower typical of the resort architecture, which stands out and protrudes in the crowns of trees to this day.
2019 October 23

Summerhouse of engineer E. Venckiavičius

According to current owners, this summerhouse was built in 1939. It belonged to Venckiavičiai family. It is not yet known who is the author of this villa project. It is believed that it was designed by the first homeowner himself, in consultation with architect V. Landsbergis, who had the summerhouse in the neighborhood. The house has remained essentially unchanged until today.
2019 March 11

Mašiotai family summerhouse called “Mašiotynė”

Older residents of Kačerginė remember the writer Pranas Mašiotas, fondly called “Pasakų Senelis” (The Grandpa of Fairy-tales), sitting in his summerhouse, writing and talking to children. This corner of a pine wood and a house next to it have been respectfully referred to as Mašiotynė to this day.
2019 February 8

Saint Anne’s Chapel of Kačerginė

After the First World War, when the summer resort of Kačerginė and the population grew, the considerations about the construction of the church began. Architect Vytautas Landsbergis-Žemkalnis, who spent his summers in Kačerginė during the interwar period, prepared a unique chapel project in 1936.
2019 February 7

Summerhouse of Teklė Dambravičienė

This summerhouse that has some similar features with Swiss wooden architecture was design by famous Lithuanian architect of the interwar period E. Frykas. The owner of this summer house T. Dambravičienė is considered to be one of the founders of Kačerginė resort.
2019 February 7

Villa of officer Pranas Vaiciuška

This villa is important not only as a heritage of wooden architecture, but also for its history. During the interwar period, general Pranas Vaiciuška, a doctor of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, built and spent his family summers in this villa. It was built in 1935 and later in the post-war period housed a primary school, which was graduated by several generations of Kacherginians. In 2016 the villa has been renovated by the private owner.
2019 February 7

Villa of engineer Viktoras Rėklaitis

Viktoras Rėklaitis, the director of Kačerginė resort, built a wooden villa in 1934. During the Soviet period there was a dispensary. In 2016 it was decided to restore this building. The administration of Kačerginė eldership is located in the villa, and a branch of the Tourist Information Center is in operation.
2019 February 6
landsbergio vilos ikonele

Summerhouse of Landsbergiai family

This summerhouse of Landsbergiai family was built in 1938. A green-painted one-story house with an attic became a shelter from bombs falling on the city during the war. After the war, the house was nationalized, and a town pharmacy was established there. Today the house again belongs to the family.
2019 February 5

Summerhouse of writer Vincas Mykolaitis-Putinas

Famous poet and writer Vincas Mykolaitis-Putinas discovered Kačerginė`s resort only in the last stages of his life. He was so happy about this place that together with his wife he desided to move to Kačerginė early in 1960s.