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2020 June 26
palemono keramikos ikonele

Brick and tile production company “Palemonas”

With the growth and modernization of construction in interwar Lithuania, also the construction industry expanded and improved. One of the reasons for Lithuania's backwardness in construction was the lack of bricks. In 1923 "Palemonas" – the largest and most modern company producing high-quality bricks and tiles, was established. The products of this company were used for the construction of many buildings in Kaunas
2020 March 12
akademijos boksto ikonele

Water Tower of Akademija

A water tower is an engineering structure – part of a water supply system – the main part of which is a water tank raised at a certain height. The reservoir is designed to store and use water supplies during peak water demand, also raised water creates pressure in the water system.
2019 November 4

Residential house

Do you live in this house? Or do you know the stories associated with it? – Tell us! This assistance is invaluable for Kaunas and Kaunas District as a contemporary European Capital of Culture 2022 and for those who want to know more about it. Let's share our stories about architecture!
2019 March 7

The Chamber of Labor Building

This building, devoted to the professional and cultural interests of workers, has the severe and sparse appearance of an administration building. The building is composed of two four-storey blocks laid out alongside the streets. In the yard there is a two-storey volume, at the end of which there is a raised stage for a theater auditorium with a balcony. On the first floor of the Vytautas Blvd. block, there is a smaller club hall; and in the basement there is a sports hall. On the third floor of the Kęstutis St. block there were rooms for teaching. The Chamber of Labor, comprehensively meeting workers` cultural education needs, was an institution without equal in Lithuania.
2019 February 4

Žaliakalnis Funicular

Žaliakalnis Funicular is a funicular railway in Kaunas. Built in 1931, it is the oldest funicular in Lithuania and is among the oldest vehicles of such type in the world still operational.
2019 January 8

State Savings Bank

The construction of this institutional building in the city's most prestigious avenue, drew particular attention. When it opened its doors to the public in 1940, just days before the Soviet occupation, the high-rise State Savings Bank building became one of the last architectural symbols of Lithuanian interwar modernism.