High schools

2020 February 3

State printing house, later – Vytautas Magnus University

The construction of this building was driven by the need to have a state printing house, which had to fully meet the needs of the state press. This is the first large state edifice built during the period of national independence, the first to be built as a result of an international bidding competition, and the first designed by a foreign architect.
2019 March 14

Elementary school

The school consists of two blocks: a long one alongside the street and one joined perpendicularly in the yard. The classrooms are arranged on the street, the southern, side; while the corridors run into the yard. It was probably only when the school`s construction was coming to an end that it was decided to add the Pedagogical Museum. The overlays used in this school building were unique: beamless and made of continuous interconnected ceramic blocks. The composition of the street exterior attempted to enhance the impression of the facade`s length even more, an impression created by the monotonic rhythm of uniformly narrow windows and barely discernible pilaster strips.
2019 February 3

VMU Medical Faculty

The creation of a stylistic transition from retrospectivism to modernism, this building is dominated by features of modernized classicism. It was designed following the example of the newly built Brussels University Medicine Faculty, held to be one of Europe`s finest. Since the financial capabilities of Lithuania were more modest, the Kaunas building turned out accordingly: it is simpler. The structure of the blocks highlights the functional zoning: to administration and teaching; the connecting block and the auditoriums; and the last block was for research activities, including those of an Anatomy Institute. In 1936 the cellar was adapted for the first Lithuanian crematorium.