Ethnic minorities in Kaunas

2019 March 18

Evangelical and Reformed Church

This church is called a little sister or a smaller copy of the Christ Resurrection church on Žaliakalnis hill. It was designed by the same Latvian architect Karolis Reisonas. The church is designed according to the Lutheran tradition – with one big hall inside and with the tower in front of the building.
2019 March 14

House of jewish organisation “OZE” (OSE)

Originally this building served for the organization devoted to the promotion of health, hygiene, and childcare among Jews. Now it is a sports medicine center.
2019 February 4
chonelio elkeso ikonele

Doctor Ch. Elkesas private clinic

One of the earliest examples of a functionalist aesthetics in Kaunas, this building has a particularly laconic exterior of severe geometricized forms, with a clear delineation of spaces and planes and a distinct rhythm of elements. The kernel of the complicated plan is constituted by original oval-shaped halls. The purpose of the building was manifold: the first and third storeys had two five-room apartments; the second contained not only the owner`s apartment, but private suites in which he practiced internal medicine and Dr. Girša Elkes practiced ophthalmology. In one of the rented apartments the first Montessori kindergarten in Lithuania was established; from 1936 to 1940 the building also housed the Finnish consulate.
2019 February 4

Kaunas Mosque

There are only four remaining mosques in Lithuania, and Kaunas Mosque is one of them. Kaunas had a wooden mosque built in 1860, but in 1930 for the commemoration of the 500th death anniversary of Vytautas the Great, the Grand Duke who invited Tatars to come and settle in Lithuania, a decision was made to build a new brick mosque.
2018 December 18
vytauto pr 58 ikonele

House of businessmans M. Posvianskis and H. Klisas

This private residence, located next to a busy boulevard, rightfully draws the eye of many a passersby. The building stands out among its modernistic Kaunas' peers by its looks and decorative details, and breaks away from Lithuanian architectural tradition.