The aim of the Memory Office programme is to awaken the multicultural memory of Kaunas city and towns in its district and remind of its rich history, encourage pride in oneself and the place in which we live.

For the hundreds of years, people of various ethnicities and religions lived in Kaunas and around it. But what do we know about those who shaped our city into what is it today? Who were they? What did they dream about? What did they expect?

Memory Office programme is designed to remind of the forgotten or omitted “little stories”. Collecting stories and memories of people of various ethnicities and religions (that we are currently posting on, we want to create a unique map of city memories.

Looking back to the past, it is important to ask what can we learn from the stories of the past? What can inspire us and, most importantly, what kind of city we want to have in the future?

We hope that these stories will help to know ourselves better. Together it will serve as a source of inspiration for various cultural and art projects in 2022: performances, exhibitions, works of music and publications that will increase our respect for the other and for the different, for human rights and human dignity.

More about the project

Programme curator

Daiva Citvarienė – Price

[email protected]

Programme coordinator

Justina Petrulionytė-Sabonienė

[email protected]

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Get in touch with us, if you:

are a resident of Kaunas (it does not matter whether you currently live here or not) and you want to share your (or your family’s) story;

you were born in one of the towns in Kaunas district and you want to tell the story of that location or your family;

you are an artist and you want to tell the story of people who are from the city (district) or live there using the artistic means;

you are the enthusiast of city history and you want to contribute your ideas to the Memory Office programme;

you want to contribute to the collection of stories and memories;

you want to take photos, film the conversations or edit the videos;

you want to transcribe pieces of conversations.