A call for volunteers by Kaunas2022

The success of Kaunas 2022 depends on the number of people who will join it to create good changes together. Kaunas 2022 volunteer programme invites people from Kaunas and Kaunas District to share culture and spread the changes through participation in cultural processes!

Volunteers are invited to join the existing programmes: Memory Office, Modernism for the Future, We, the People, Emerging Kaunas, Design for Everyone, Wake It, Shake It, Tempo Academy of Culture and The Mythical Beast of Kaunas. By joining activities on a voluntary basis, you will dedicate your time, talents and knowledge to implement community initiative projects, an organization of events, contribute to communication, dissemination and other activities.

By volunteering in this meaningful and large-scale project of the European culture, you will have an opportunity to test your skills and acquire new professional knowledge, deepen your understanding of contemporary culture. You will constantly be at the center of international activities, expand your circle of European acquaintances and partnerships and gain new practical knowledge and skills. Most importantly, you will contribute to the changes in your own city and district trough culture: together we will experience the burst of creativity and sense of community!

If you join Kaunas 2022, you will be able to:

  • Develop new hobbies and interests through volunteer work.
  • Become acquainted with people of similar values and ambitions from Lithuania and abroad.
  • Be a part of Kaunas 2022 team, create and implement the project of the European Capital of Culture.
  • Find out more about yourself: your talents, interests and skills.
  • Initiate changes in your own community and society, rather than observe it from afar.
  • Spend your time in a productive, useful and interest manner.
  • Contribute to making the temporary capital into the contemporary one!

Additional benefits:

  • Volunteers can draw internship contracts.
  • School students will receive social hours.
  • Opportunities to participate in the seminars and creative workshops delivered by local and international experts.
  • Volunteers who constantly work with a specific project might be delegated for secondments in partner countries and organizations.
  • Volunteers will receive accessories of Kaunas 2022.

Feel free to contact: volunteers@kaunas2022.eu