Throughout the warm season, the heart of Kaunas Old Town – Town Hall Square – will beat with the rhythm of culture. The summer stage of Kaunas 2022 will delight you with the most memorable performances, concerts, tastings and meetings. May to September, a carefully prepared artistic programme weekend and hundreds of free events with the best Lithuanian and foreign musicians are waiting for you. Follow news on facebook


12 d.



KAnDIs is a musical duo of Algirdas Kaušpėdas (Antis) and Viktoras Diawara (Skamp). The band KAnDIs combines a double creative drive – the electronic and rock music of Viktoras Diawara and the lyrics and vocals of Algirdas Kaušpėdas.


Carnival Youth (LV)

The charismatic Latvians Carnival Youth are well known not only in Lithuania but also in the entire Baltic region. The trio masterfully combines melody, more sensual rhythms, and indie rock sound. Youthful energy and light melancholy await the listeners.

13 d.


Beissoul & Einius (LT)

The electronic music duo Beissoul & Einius, which has been spinning in the Lithuanian sky for several years, will appear on the summer stage. The duo of music, fashion and art performing at the biggest European music festivals promises to take the audience to another planet.


ToyToy (DE)

ToyToy is a deardevils band of four virtuoso instrumentalists from Germany, presenting the synergy of jazz and urban music. The ToyToy has a unique instrumental sound, exceptional rhythms, and unfading energy.

Partners: Jazz Büro Hamburg (Germany)

14 d.


El Chico Fuendre (LT)

El Chico Fuendre is probably the most unpredictable band in Lithuania, consisting of two composers and a chemist. They produce and perform a variety of music, from hip-hop rhythms, disco, indie dance to ambient and krautrock genres. This time, El Chico promises a fun summer DJ set, in their words – “what Kaunas is missing”.

15 d.


Pitlane walking festival in Kaunas

19 d.

“The Journey of the Frog Kvaksiukas”
(performance for children)

20 d.


Shishi (LT)

Some say they are mermaids, others – witches on guitars. Shishi – a Lithuanian trio singing about what you think every day – there is little meaning left to live. But you still care where the world goes. Armed with guitars, they surf between punk/rap/soul/trash lo-fi.


Sraigės efektas (LT)

“Sraigės efektas” is an alternative noise-rock band that presents its listeners a multi-layered puzzle that captures the audience’s attention both in major festivals and in the underground cellars.


Juzt (LT)

Jutz – Young jazz distorters and revolutionaries of dancing rhythms from Vilnius. The combination of jazz and electronics created by the band leaves no doubt that the evening will be filled with new harmonies of alternative music.


Kristijonas Ribaitis (LT)

“It will only be sad tomorrow” – such words accompany Kristijonas Ribaitis’ latest three-song short album (EP) “EPilogas”. The works do not lack the mix of indie and electronic music genres typical to previous albums, as well as the cynical or ironic lyrics characteristic of K. Ribaitis.


Gamka (LT)

Germanas Daškevičius is a performer and songwriter, also known for such bands as Flash Voyage or Flying Saucer Gang. The performer is taking a new step in his musical career and this time promises to appear on stage alone.

21 d.



Tine Winther represents the land of legends. Together with Musica Vitae and Tine Wither, Kaunas listeners will be invited to get to know Swedish oral traditions, legendary creatures and impressive fairy tales. The show will feature live music by a 14-member orchestra playing a variety of instruments. The repertoire will consist of classical and Swedish folk music by various composers.

In partnership with: Vaxjo city (Sweden)



JISR is a collective from Munich led by the charismatic linguist, singer, and Gembri player Dr. Mohcine Ramdan. He gathered some of Bavaria ́s finest musicians to share his vision of an emotional Pan-Oriental sound that is deeply rooted in the tradition of his family of musicians in Marrakesh, Morocco. Their live performance offers an unique fusion of Arabic Maqam, the polyrhythm of Gnawa music, World Spiritual Jazz & a bit of Afro Kraut and sets a new landmark in how to unite the diversity of diasporic music in Europe in a one stage set.

In partnership with: Municipality of Munich (Germany



LÜCY is a promising new singer-songwriting talent who was recently nominated at Taiwan’s Golden Indie Music Awards (GIMA). This 21-year-old popped after uploading self-made songs to her Instagram story. Her laid-back, mellow, psychedelic-tinged tune makes people want to keep on listening.

In partnership with: Taiwan Representation in Lithuania and Taiwan Ministry of Culture


Bratri (CZ)

Bratři is a new face on the Czech electronic music scene. Twins Jiří and Ondřej conceived the music project, which oscillates around a combination of catchy electronic dance and techno. The central driving forces are Jiři’s live percussion/drum beats and the melodic motives and sequences created by Ondřej on analog and modular synthesizers. Two captivating streams converge on stage in one uncompromising flow of electrifying energy.


Baltic Balkan (LT)

“Hold my tequila,” said one of the three, picking up the microphone. Since then, it is well known that every party with Baltic Balkan is like the last time in your life! Those who have at least once attended their staggering parties will never forget the frenzy of these free spirits and the taste of salt on their lips.

22 d.


Kedrostuburas (LT)

Kedrostubùras is an alternative rock, hip-hop, soul, and jazz band. Four members of the group, Matas, Pijus, Maksas, and Giedrius, started playing and experimenting together at school. They invite you to discover the surface and threads of music individually. And if briefly about their music, “Imagine flying over the sea, but you don’t know who you are.”


Ministry of Echology (LT)

The Ministry of Echology is a live music band that began its reggae and dub career more than a decade ago. Unavoiding going beyond these genres and creating their mix, ministers reveal themselves best in their concerts. It will be possible to hear the music of the new album at the concert in Kaunas.


Arklio galia (LT)

Arklio galia is such an interesting rock band from the center of Vilnius. The men play various rock instruments and sing lyrics full of not very good poetry. In a decade and a half, 7 albums, 12 clips, about 80 songs, more than 200 concerts and 5 good jokes have been hatched.

25 d. 


Africa Days

26 d.


Garbanotas (LT)

Maybe you didn’t know that the inhabitants of the mushroom-filled forests of Lithuania produce some of the finest psychedelic rock pop on Earth, but now you know. Layers of overdrive, reverb and delay convert their instruments into transportation devices, carrying you to another world, another time, placing you on the set of a movie you can’t remember seeing.

27 d.


Subhira Quintet (CL)

“GM Gyvai” Concert (Chile)

Subhira is one of the world’s most innovative music ensembles in Chile, with intertwined rhythms and languages, progressive and contemporary world music, jazz, and folklore. Listening to this ensemble reveals 25 years of experience in exploring ethnic music and its synthesis with world cultures, the repertoire includes scores for the symphony orchestra and soundtracks for films.

Presented by GM Music

28 d.


Live from Kaunas Streets

One day hip hop festival

29 d.


Dainos iš liudijimų

International klezmer concert. The concert is presented by the international chamber ensemble Zisl Slepovitch Ensemble (New York-Berlin). “Songs from Testimonies” is a fascinating musical journey through the memories of Holocaust survivors recorded in Yale University’s Fortunoff Holocaust Testimony Video Archive. The songs performed in this concert were sung in the villages and towns of Poland and Lithuania, in the ghettos and concentration camps of Central and Eastern Europe. They convey the history of this period in a very personal way.

The Klezmer concert is organized by Kaunas 2022, partners World Yiddish Center