Throughout the warm season, the heart of Kaunas Old Town – Town Hall Square – will beat with the rhythm of culture. The summer stage of Kaunas 2022 will delight you with the most memorable performances, concerts, tastings and meetings. May to September, a carefully prepared artistic programme weekend and hundreds of free events with the best Lithuanian and foreign musicians are waiting for you. Follow news on facebook


5d. 20:30 Monikaze and St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra. Electroacoustic symphony “Laws of Distraction”

August 5 | 8:30 PM - 10 PM

Monikaze and St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra. Electroacoustic symphony “Laws of Distraction”

Electronic music producer Monikaze together with St. Kristoforos Chamber Orchestra will present an hour-long premiere of the electroacoustic symphony "Laws of Distraction" on the Summer Stage. The symphony draws attention to how access to the internet and social media has transformed the world into a battleground for attention to such an extent that we ourselves lose the ability to control our own minds.

6d. 19:00 Summer stage presents three amazing young bands GRUODIS, ORAI, GODO YORKE

August 6 | 7 PM - 10 PM

Summer stage presents three amazing young bands GRUODIS, ORAI, GODO YORKE

On August 6, we give the Summer stage to the young alternative!

𝐆𝐫𝐮𝐨𝐝𝐢𝐬 (𝐋𝐓)
Indie and post-punk genres intertwine in the music of the alternative music group "Gruodis". Andrius Gruodis, from now on known by the nickname "Gruodis" and having gathered a full band, will play his favourite songs with a completely different power. "Po žeme", "Sfinksas", new single "Siena" and fresh, never-before-heard works will be played.

𝐆𝐨𝐝𝐨 𝐘𝐨𝐫𝐤𝐞 (𝐋𝐓)
Godo Yorke (Goda Sasnauskaitė) is one of the most interesting performers on today's Lithuanian music scene, distinguished by her artistry, energy, wide and rich vocal range and stoic courage. The album IN SILENCE, IN SIRENS includes rock and roll and psychedelic; avant-garde, dark pop and art pop genres are heard.

𝐎𝐫𝐚𝐢 (𝐋𝐓)
An electronic and guitar post-punk band was created with the intention of making the listener jump.

11d. 20:00 Lavoisier (Portugal)

August 11 | 8 PM - 10 PM

Lavoisier (Portugal)

Led by the spirit of “tropicalismo”, the group Lavoisier (Portugal) understands music not only as a matter of individuality, but as a full sense of awareness and presence in the world we’re living in. On the Summer Stage, you will hear songs performed in both English and Portuguese.

The group’s music can be found here.

Partners: the Honorary Consul of Portugal in Kaunas Dalius Raškinis and Camões – Institute of Cooperation and Language 

12d. 20:00 Graži ir ta galinga

August 12 | 8 PM - 10 PM

Graži ir ta galinga

The fact-based, as well as fictional stories told during the performance-concert “LITHUANIAN WOMEN”, will take the audience to not only different historical periods, but also to the different stages of a woman's life, resounding with different musical styles. Honest excitement will be followed by humorous stories, whereas these – by bitter irony. 

18d. 19:00 Oskar Korshunov Theater “The Wedding“

August 18 | 7 PM - 10 PM

Oskar Korshunov Theater “The Wedding“

The play "The Wedding", directed by Oskaras Koršunovas, talks about the moral duplicity of society. The performance is extremely open and transforming, with lots of improvisation and the latest social and political current affairs always included. 

19d. 20:00 Umme Block (Germany)

August 19 | 8 PM - 10 PM

Umme Block (Germany)

On August 19, Umme Block (two young women from Munich, Germany), will perform in Kaunas 2022 Summer Stage. They create wide soundscapes full of high tension. It's a unique sound, made of vocals, analogue synthesizers, electric guitar and beat machines.

The group’s music can be found here.

Partners: Nürnberg POP Festival / (Initiative Musik).

20d. 21:00 Džiugas Širvys (Lithuania)

August 20 | 9 PM - 10 PM

Džiugas Širvys (Lithuania)

We have seen Džiugas Širvis on stage running, screaming, giving off wild energy and ready to smash the guitar to pieces. But in fact, he is a gentle, caring and cat-loving musician, ready to give all his sincerity to every listener.

In February of this year, Džiugo Širvis's debut album titled "Pastorių vaikai" was released. The eleven highly personal tracks reveal a never-before-seen side of the vocalist of the mathematical rock group "jautì". With a dynamic sound, the influence of the 70s can be heard in the album - popular music is subtly combined with country and alternative genres in the tracks.

Artist's music can be found here.

24d. 19:00 Independence Day of Ukraine: YeS Duet and VDU Chamber Orchestra

August 24 | 7 PM - 10 PM

Independence Day of Ukraine: YeS Duet and VDU Chamber Orchestra

On August 24, a concert dedicated to Ukrainian Independence Day will take place in Kaunas Town Hall Square. During the event, violin and bayan virtuoso duo from Ukraine "YeS Duet" and VDU Chamber Orchestra (Chief Conductor Vytautas Lukočius) will play on the Summer Stage. The concert program includes works by Ukrainian composers, famous masterpieces by A. Vivaldi, J. S. Bach's works, and compositions for violin, bayan and chamber orchestra by composer Jievars Jasinskis, created precisely for the "YeS Duet" tour through Lithuania. This event is an expression of solidarity of "Kaunas - European Capital of Culture 2022" for Ukraine, which is going through a war.

Partners: VšĮ "Prabudimo orkestras".

25d. 20:00 Tartu 2024 presents: Anna Kaneelina

August 25 | 8 PM - 10 PM

Tartu 2024 presents: Anna Kaneelina

In cooperation with Tartu 2024 – European Capital of Culture 2024, the Estonian performer Anna Kaneelina will appear on the Kaunas 2022 Summer Stage on August 25, starting the symbolic "Tartu weekend". Anna Kaneelina released her debut album in 2019 and charmed the audiences with her otherworldly stage presence and original ways of self-expression, bravely sharing her inner world and pouring into music both the pain and the beauty of life.

The artist’s music can be found here.

Partners: Tartu 2024 – European Capital of Culture 2024

26d. 20:00 Tartu 2024 presents: jonas.f.k

August 26 | 8 PM - 10 PM

Tartu 2024 presents: Jonas f.k

In cooperation with Tartu 2024 – European Capital of Culture 2024, the Estonian performer Jonas f.k will appear on the Kaunas 2022 Summer Stage on August 26, and will complete the symbolic "Tartu weekend". Jonas f.k has been an active member of the Estonian music scene for almost 10 years now. In addition to being the founding member of the alternative/pop group Frankie Animal, he has also worked with some of the most successful current Estonian artists such as Erki Pärnoja, NOËP and Sander Mölder.

The artist’s music can be found here.

The stage will be warmed up by Benny B, a young performer from Lithuania, whose music combines R&B, jazz and gospel genres.

Partners: Tartu 2024 – European Capital of Culture 2024

27d. 20:00 Tuys (Luxembourg)

August 27 | 8 PM - 10 PM

Tuys (Luxembourg)

On the Summer Stage will show up Tuys, a group from Luxembourg performing indie rock and emotive psych pop music. The group focuses on visual art in their performances and explores the boundaries between reality and fiction.

The group’s music can be found here.

Partners: Esch2022, European Capital of Culture


1d. 15:00 Maironis Literary Museum program for children

September 1 | 3 PM - 5 PM

Maironis Literary Museum program for children

Life fits in a fairy tale, a fairy tale in a suitcase, and a bunch of fabulous suitcases in the "Fairy Tale House", which is located in the Museum of Children's Literature! With the start of the new academic year, we invite you to visit not only schools, but also museums, where you can take a look at new fairy tales! On September 1, at 3 PM, the museum will arrive at the Kaunas Town Hall Square. Both young and old will be able to try on the costumes, dresses and heads of the characters, and after putting on the glove puppets and placing them comfortably on their hands, you can immerse yourself in the action of the fairy tale!

Partner: Maironis Museum of Lithuanian Literature.

2d. 19:00 AMBASSADOR Flash Voyage

September 2 | 7 PM - 10 PM


On September 2, the Kaunas 2022 ambassador, a psychedelic rock band from Kaunas, Flash Voyage, will show up at the Summer Stage. The group gathered in 2017 has so far managed to win the young group competition "Garage" and warm up the British artist King Krule and the group "The 1975", and its hits collect hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube and Spotify platforms. Currently, the group is working on the release of the third album which will convey the experiences of society in response to modern hostilities and global tension, which forces one to appreciate the cost of personal freedom and the fragility of the carefree concept of political stability in the 21st century.

You can listen to the band's music here.

3d. 20:00 Golden Parazyth

September 3 | 8  PM - 10 PM

Golden Parazyth

The Lithuanian electronic and dance music group Golden Parazyth, famous for its emotional and heart-touching pieces, will perform on the Summer Stage. Throughout the 17 years of its existence, the group has performed at the international electronic music festivals Tundra, Be2gether, Spartakiada and warmed up such world-famous stars as Lana Del Rey and Hurts. 

You can listen to the band's music here.

4d. 15:00 Rakija Klezmer Orkestar concert

September 4 | 3 PM - 4 PM

Rakija Klezmer Orkestar concert

On September 4, percussionist Arkadij Gotesman and violinist Boris Kirzner from "Rakija Klezmer Orkestar" will create a cheerful afternoon on the Summer Stage combining Roma and Litvak music. The musicians aim to bring back to the world of modern music the tradition of klezmer music, which almost disappeared after the Second World War. Klezmers are musicians performing Jewish folk music.

Organizers: "Meninių projektų ciklai" and "Kaunas 2022" Memory Office

8d. 17:00 Maironis Literary Museum program for children

September 8 | 3 PM - 5 PM

Maironis Literary Museum program for children

Maironis Museum of Lithuanian Literature invites you to try your luck in literary games!

In the literary circle of happiness, 20 different questions related to Lithuanian literature will await for you: ancient or modern, children's or adult literature – only your luck will determine which task or question you will receive. If you answer correctly, you will win a museum prize!

We will also invite you to an intellectual battle in memory of writer and professor Balys Sruoga. Among his many activities, Balys had a hobby, a form of intellectual communication – chess. We will not only play chess, but also answer questions about B. Sruoga's extraordinary, charismatic personality, cultural activities and creativity. Cards with questions will be hidden under the chess squares, so only your move will determine what challenge you will have to overcome.

Partner: Maironis Museum of Lithuanian Literature.

9d. 18:00 “Fluxus” Festival Workshops
10d. 10:00 „What’s Next in Music“ scena
15d. 19:00 Torūnė
16d. 19:00 Gischt (AT) and Rūta MUR (LT)

September 16 | 7 PM - 11 PM

Gischt (AT) and Rūta MUR (LT)

On September 16, even two performers will appear on the Summer Stage: Ursula Winterauer, known as Gischt, from Austria together with Rūta MUR from Lithuania. 

Gischt generates raw sounds between brutality and harmony. Her eclectic soundscapes deliver differentiated interpretations of the genres industrial, techno and ambient, which are reflected by means of bass guitar, synthesizer and electro-smog clouds.

On the other hand, while listening to the songs of  Kaunas 2022 ambassador Rūta MUR, you will be transferred to the romantic melancholy and nostalgia of the 80s. The artist herself calls her style "the new nostalgia" – it's loneliness, being yourself, a feeling of lack and the inability to establish a real, deeper connection.

Gischt is brought in cooperation with Bad Ischl – Salzkammergut ECoC 2024 (Austria)

17d. 19:00 Tim Freitag (CH) and ABUDU (LT)

September 17 | 7 PM - 11 PM

Tim Freitag (CH) and ABUDU (LT)

The concerts in the Town Hall Square, which have delighted the residents and guests of Kaunas throughout the summer months and in September, have come to an end. This grand Kaunas 2022 summer project will be closed on September 17 by a male sextet from Zurich Tim Freitag and one of the most emerging alternative music groups in Lithuania ABUDU.

Tim Freitag, a boy band from Switzerland, says they are able to do what many Swiss and international artists rarely do: to entertain and captivate a new, previously unknown audience throughout the show. The secret of this is the charismatic and eccentric band leader Janick and the impressive amount of artistic sweat poured out on stage.

The boys' band ABUDU, appearing on the summer stage, is highly regarded not only among the youth, but also in the music world. In the 2020 M.A.M.A. musical awards, the group ABUDU was nominated for the best album, the best rock group and breakthrough of the year categories. On September 17 ABUDU will enter Kaunas Town Hall Square with a renewed appearance and will make the audience shake the pavement of the old town.


Partner: Swiss music export