Karolis Banys and Petras Gaidamavičius – entrepreneurs, nurturers of architectural heritage and art collectors. After many years taking interest in architecture privately, they started sharing their hobby with the public in 2017, when they set a goal to introduce society with restored apartments in the apartment building, which was designed by E. Frykas in 1929.

They have already opened the doors to many historical buildings and flats and have discovered a lot of valuable stories from previous homeowners. Those stories enrich the history of our city as well as allows us to rethink its identity.

Kaunas and we

Kaunas is what we call home. It’s a part of our identity. We live and work together in Kaunas since 2011. Kaunas becoming “The European Capital of Culture in 2022” is a strong incentive to live and create our work in this city. Kaunas for us is a fantastic place that has plenty of historical and cultural layers created by various people. In recent years, like never before, we are engaged in a collective reflection process about who we are and what Kaunas is. It is one of the most meaningful and interesting periods of Kaunas city.

Karolis: I grew up in Domeikava, Kaunas district, but first impressions of Kaunas appeared in early childhood, primarily visiting father’s photo atelier at the former Juzė in Savanoriai prospect and preparatory class in Kaunas J. Naujalis music gymnasium.


Petras: I grew ap near Elektrėnai in Gilučiai. Between Vilnius and Kaunas. Since joining the Kaunas University of Technology, I have been living in Kaunas for almost 20 years. Kaunas is my home.

We have been seeing changes in people’s attitudes about themselves and Kaunas for some time now: getting rid of complexes, breaking down stereotypes, and discovering what has been forgotten and finding more things that we can be proud of and happy about. Our vision of the Kaunas in the future: open, tolerant, multicultural and green city, where locals are happy and the culture of the city and the modernist architecture of Kaunas is recognizable in the world.