Fluxus labs!

Fluxus Labs is a community lab programme, where ideas, opinions and experiences of local residents rotate, encouraging creative dialogue and generating connections and changes. From 2018 to 2022, it is planned to establish 35 creative labs in Kaunas and Kaunas district. They should unite the residents of microdistricts for joint creative and communal actions, where ideas shared by neighbours and acquaintances (or not quite acquainted people) strive to see the daylight. Fluxus Labs will bring a lot of unexpected things: from the Fluxus Festival to meetings in yards, sometimes forgotten or well-known places, but most importantly, the residents of Kaunas will gather and create together!

Why Fluxus?

FLUXUS is a lifestyle, a way of life, says George Mačiūnas, initiator of FLUXUS movement. The concept of Fluxus Labs resembles the attempts of other Fluxus artists to erase the limits between the professionalism of artistic activity, elitism and simplicity / everyday and playful creativity. Fluxus in Latin means flow, movement, change, circulation. The name of the lab, Fluxus Labs was perfect for “We, the People” community lab (in Lithuanian, Labas means ‘hello’), as it serves as an invitation to each resident to join the creative process without a separate invitation and be with others: greet them, create together, enjoy everyday surprises and join community activities.

What is a Fluxus agent?

Promoter and activator of community culture, catalyst of changes, creative networker and facilitator of Fluxus Labs. Agents acting in their territory (in an ideal case, it doubles as a place where they live or work), connecting and highlighting the uniqueness of the communities and visibility of its talents. Looking for ways to connect and include people, help them to maintain and improve their activities. An agent is a representative of the territory, in which he / she acts for Kaunas 2022 programme, who strives to rally creative people for joint activities.

Fluxus agents have no doubts that in each microdistrict of Kaunas city, and each town in Kaunas district, there lies a unique culture created by people who live there. They establish contacts between community initiatives and organisations, and take interest in the results of this cooperation as well.

Programme coordinator

Stefanija Paulauskaitė


Let’s create our environment together! Let the unexpectedness into your life and discover how you can join the activities of Fluxus Labs

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