A programme designed to initiate changes in the cultural field is called “Wake It, Shake It”. Its purpose is to strengthen the cultural sector, reveal its potential and help to meet the challenges of 2022.

This is why we are going to invite cultural organisations, our partners, artists and communities to set brave and ambitious goals and aim for the best quality available. We will encourage creators of culture to engage in unusual partnerships, try innovative models of creation, initiate new experimental modes of cooperation not only among different sectors, but with the partners in the European countries as well. We hope that openness, diversity of cultures and continuous education and new tempo of culture will become the new values of the contemporary Kaunas.

Partnerships program contacts:


Partnerships program curator:

Klaudija Aleksandravičiūtė


We well strive for cultural organisations to:

establish new partnerships;

attract new audiences;

initiate a dialogue with their visitors, analyse their audiences and create audience development strategies;

include new communities into activities or their organisations (from decision-making to implementation);

expand the geographical scope of their activities;

discover innovative methods of cultural services.

Get in touch, if you work as a cultural operator and want to improve your skills, participate in trainings, seminars and creative workshops.