Kaunas district is incredibly diverse, and each place is delicious in its own unique way. From the villages sunken in Kaunas Reservoir, to the clearest air in Arlaviškės, from the greatness of manors to the simple charms of Čekiškė, from the ghosts of Linksmakalnis to the tunnels of forts, from the loops of Nemunas to the nostalgia of villas. And yet the greatest strength is people: strong communities, friendly neighbours, creative employees. And as they all say, with the common goal, we can move even Mount Everest itself.

Therefore, the project of Contemporary Neighbourhoods is an opportunity for a common goal to unite us. The project includes the entire Kaunas district and is based on an in-depth understanding of local stories and traditions and creation of new myths, strong cooperation and values, as the entire Kaunas 2022 organisation itself. We will invite for registration to become the Contemporary Neighbourhoods by 2021. Who can register? Cultural institutions, communities, organisations with drive and desire to show the most beautiful aspects of their elderships for Lithuania and Europe. On 31 January 2019, the first elderships selected will be announced. Kaunas 2022 curators, artists and specialists from various areas will start working with them, analysing topics that reflect different identities. It is expected that the most successful projects will become a part of the project in 2022 and help to have a glimpse at the uniqueness of these places.

If you think that this project will help you to reveal the highlights of this place, get in touch with us and we will start a creative and unpredictable journey towards 2022 together.

Programme coordinator

Augustina Kinderytė