AMBASSADORS OF “KAUNAS 2022”: Kotryna Stankutė-Jaščemskienė

“Kaunas is my hometown. I grew up in a family of artists, so I always saw Kaunas as full of culture and filled with great creative people and people connecting creative people. From the dance, music, textile and theatre festivals famous in Europe to the nostalgic alley of charming UNESCO buildings, and from a living heritage to modern transformations, I believe that Kaunas, which brought a lot of famous people into the world, will unite them again as a European Capital of Culture in 2022.” –Kotryna Stankutė-JaščemskienėRead more

AMBASSADORS OF “KAUNAS 2022”: Golden Parazyth

"It is so good and important that various new initiatives by young authors appear in Kaunas today. Such movements as “Kaunas full of culture” and others awake the city from the sleep that has lasted for several years already. Kaunas is a city of young people and students. These young people just need to be shown right and meaningful things. The title of a European Capital of Culture would be really significant and important for the city. We believe in the success of the project and invite all artists and colleagues to join it!"Read more

Remio Ščerbausko nuotrauka

AMBASSADORS OF “KAUNAS 2022”: Birutė Letukaitė

“Kaunas has its own aura and “Aura”. Kaunas is one of a kind. The modern dance which was born in the temporary capital, endured the Soviet times, today makes the city famous. The “Aura” dance theatre is traveling the world and spreading the message about Kaunas and the ongoing “Aura” international dance festival. I am glad that I was born and grew up in this city and that, together with “Aura”, I came to the modern capital, Kaunas. I am proud that we are a significant part of the city aura.” - Birutė LetukaitėRead more

AMBASSADORS OF “KAUNAS 2022”: Artūras Morozovas

I hide the twenty Litas note in my right glove and reach for the five Litas coin with my left hand.

“Don’t be afraid. I won’t beat you. It just have to be like that”, an adolescent hooligan a couple of years older is trying to comfort me holding a pair of brass knuckles, the effect of which has been so vividly described to me a minute before, in one of his hands.
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AMBASSADORS OF “KAUNAS 2022”: Valentinas Masalskis

Kaunas was the capital city once, during a difficult period for the country, so I wish it to become a significant city, a European Capital of Culture, in the era of Postmodernist culture transformation again.

Born, raised and having worked in Kaunas – Yours, Valentinas Masalskis.