AMBASSADORS OF “KAUNAS 2022”: Silvia Giambrone

"Nothing could have prepared me for the rapid and extraordinary cultural growth I have witnessed in Kaunas since I first exhibited there in 2013. Participating in the biennial of contemporary art, 2015, emphasized to me not only the importance of Kaunas on the international cultural map but of the contribution it is making to the expanding european narrative. Read more

Nothing will change until our stairways are uncared-for, and golden chandeliers illuminate our rooms

Fotografas R. Ščerbauskas
© R. Ščerbauskas

Rita Valiukonytė is the Cultural Attache of the Republic of Lithuania to Germany, who has been promoting Lithuanian culture abroad for a long time. A conversation about the challenges and aims of the work, the societal benefits of culture and the instruments to measure it.Read more

AMBASSADORS OF “KAUNAS 2022”: Rolandas Maskoliūnas

“One of the most solid inputs of Kaunas into European culture is interwar modernist architecture, which gives the city a distinct aura. Kaunas invites its guests from Europe and all over the world to share this atmosphere.” - Rolandas MaskoliūnasRead more

AMBASSADORS OF “KAUNAS 2022”: Gintautas Mažeikis

The Ecstatic Kaunas Spreads its Contradictions

Temporary Capital, as a manner of thinking, is a source of historical pride as well as of vanity, and a possibility of cultural expansion and a place of anxious silence. The difference lies in the thoughtfulness of the look: the same way as in music – one can hear a play of sounds or boast of famous names. National boasting is often a vanity that is seducing, although, gives nothing. However, if not empty, pride can be a source of dignity, attentiveness, and creativity. Self-deception comes to life when vanity is considered to be the essence – for example, the title of Temporary Capital today – when the name is multiplied without the basis of long-standing international activity and a centrifugal network of movements. City galleries, theaters, universities, communities, movements of artists and political activists – all who are willing and able to participate in public life – create the networks. Therefore, the purpose of my essay is a reflection on the contradictions and peripheries that in the case of centrifugation and city ecstatic would gain a proper sounding and acknowledgment.Read more

AMBASSADORS OF “KAUNAS 2022”: Egidijus Stancikas

"The first meeting with Kaunas in my teenage years left me with a feeling of an encounter with values that had been revealed by time. This feeling is the strongest in Santaka (Confluence) valley. Those two rivers embrace and offer each other the best they have, and give it all away to the world in a further joint flow - this is the symbol of Kaunas to me.Read more

AMBASSADORS OF “KAUNAS 2022”: Dainius Gavenonis

"This city is often not the destination. Despite all the best roads in Lithuania go through Kaunas, the city is often as if en route. One might visit it or not. It is a certain oasis of stability and tranquility. I would like Kaunas to become the destination. Read more

AMBASSADORS OF “KAUNAS 2022”: Daina Urbanavičienė

"Kaunas was a temporary capital of Lithuanian state, second largest and second most important Lithuanian city with rich history. It is more than a city of old traditions. It is also a large center of science, business, industry, and culture. Kaunas is open to everyone, so, it is time for Kaunas to become European Capital of Culture 2022!Read more

AMBASSADORS OF “KAUNAS 2022”: Antanas Jasenka

“I associate Kaunas with my youth, gains, losses and willingness to learn and create… I wish all young and old people of Lithuania as well as our guests, to experience, discover, get to know, meet each other and live in KAUNAS, the European Capital of Culture. Let it happen.” – Antanas JasenkaRead more

AMBASSADORS OF “KAUNAS 2022”: Rita Valiukonytė

Foto: Visvaldas Morkevičis
Foto: Visvaldas Morkevičius

“In 1966, Kaunas-born visionary artist George Mačiūnas began converting neglected loft buildings in SoHo, New York into live-work spaces for artists, which became known as the Fluxushouse Cooperatives. This movement had a great impact on the regeneration of SoHo, transforming it into one of the most vibrant and flourishing districts in the world and augmenting New York’s already-substantial reputation as a city of culture. Similar creative-friendly urban revitalisations have since taken place across the world.Read more