Pepetto Di Bucchianico

Discussing “Design for All” with Pepetto Di Bucchianico

On September, 2018, Kaunas 2022 has officially become the member of EIDD – “Design for All Europe” network. For the occasion, the executive board of the network visited Kaunas. Not only the international representatives of EIDD held their meeting here, but they also took part in the presentation of “Design for All” workshop that is a part of the Kaunas 2022 programme “Designing Happiness”. Read more

Brigitta Bödenauer

Exploring the Kaunas Fortress with Brigitta Bödenauer

Brigitta Bödenauer is a sound and installation artist, experimental filmmaker and DJ from Vienna, Austria. After taking up a residency in Matters, an industrial culture programme of Kaunas 2022, she spent countless hours in the objects of Kaunas fortress, recording the sounds and exploring the spaces. Her performance in one of the objects, a former gunpowder warehouse, will coincide with the launch of the inaugural interdisciplinary culture heritage festival ‘Baterija’ (Battery) on Friday, September 28th. Introduced by Daina Pupkevičiūtė, the curator of Matters, we sat down with Brigitte a couple of days before that and talked about her background as well as her impressions of Kaunas and its fortress.Read more

Kaune svečiuojasi garso menininkė iš Vienos

Kaunas 2022 residency: Sound and installation artist Brigitta Bödenauer

Sound and installation artist, experimental filmmaker and DJ from Vienna, Austria, Brigitta Bödenauer has been active as DJ in Vienna’s noise and experimental scene since the early 1990s. Her visual work has been always inspired by and strongly connected to music. Extensive experiments – driven by her fascination for the sensuality of movement and material – mark the beginning of each of her works. Read more

Aideen Barry

Aideen Barry: Art that can be the greatest activator of historical debate, interest and cultural pride

Aideen Barry, an interdisciplinary artist from Ireland, believes that art in public spaces can have a great impact on our understanding of the environment, and make us feel proud of it. Inthe following interview, the presenter of the upcoming international conference "Modernism for the Future" dedicated to the architectural heritage and hosted in Kaunas for the first time, shares her experience of participating in public art projects, the challenges she faced working on them, and the benefits they bring to the community.Read more

Brigitte Christensen ir Nikola Diklic

Brigitte Christensen and Nikola Diklic: The theatre that is capable to reveal potential in every one of us

"Eutopia" is a multicultural project that has aroused in the context of  "Aarhus – European Capital of Culture 2017". Led by cinema and theatre actress and director Brigitte Christensen, and musician and composer Nikola Diklic, "Eutopia" initiates various artistic projects in order to create a room for divers encounters and inspire cultural changes within the local community. In the following interview, the presenters of  “Kaunas - European Capital of Culture” Forum (organised in May, 2018), Brigitte Christensen and Nikola Diklic, shared their experience in community plays building and creating life-changing experiences through theatre. Read more

Launch of STAR Cities project : The new European Project to Develop Sustainable River Tourism within five European Cities

In the context of the third call of the Interreg Europe Programme, STAR Cities (Sustainable Tourism for Attractivity of Riverside Cities) project has been launched on June, 1st 2018. Read more

International Youth Camp “100 First Times”: Personal Discoveries and A Great Deal More of Things To Try Out

One hundred new – and mostly unexpected – things in one week. Is it possible? The first international youth camp “100 First Times” that has taken place from July 7 to 14 in Kaunas and Kaunas District (Lithuania) proven that everything is possible. Organised by Kaunas 2022, an enterprise which is guiding Lithuania’s second largest city to 2022, when it will become the European Capital of Culture, the camp presented an extended programme for participants from 26 countries. Read more