I completed my MA studies at Vilnius Academy of Culture (where I earned my MA degree in Fine Arts) and Pedagogy Studies at Vytautas Magnus University (a course of pedagogy). Since 2016, I’ve been working in the Kaunas Deaf Youth Organization, I also lead media technology club and since 2019, I work in Kaunas School for the Deaf.

I am also a member of the council of the Lithuanian Association of the Deaf Youth, Kaunas Deaf Youth Organisation, Lithuanian Association’s of the Deaf Kaunas Territorial Board and a delegate of the Lithuanian Organisation of the Deaf. I also volunteer as a guide in the Lithuanian Education History Museum.

I also volunteer hosting various events, organise summer schools for children and participate in various activities and projects. I find it interesting trying myself in various activities, gaining new experience and doing something meaningful.

Kaunas and I

I was born in Šilutė and lived there until I was 7. I am the only child in my family. I’ve created my own little world; I have my opinion and values in life. My credo: live in a way that after many years, you could still take pride in the things you’ve done.

I’ve had hearing impairment since I was a kid, so I was mainly educated in Kaunas Educational Centre for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing. I arrived at Kaunas when I was seven. I could say that Kaunas has become as a second native city for me, because I’ve spent a larger part of my life here. I see Kaunas as a very vibrant city. Since I’ve been travelling a lot recently, every time I come back, I notice something. Not only the visual things, like the maintenance of streets or new buildings, but works of people done there, new initiatives and honest and open support of city residents towards them. Kaunasians are very patriotic and cultured.

For me, Kaunas is the heart of Lithuania. I grew up here comfortably and I completed my studies here. I see my future in Kaunas. This is where I am going to create my home, I will work here and as much as my abilities will allow it, I will participate in the life of Kaunas. I already work with Kaunas Deaf Youth Organization, I have quite a lot of responsibilities, I participate in various activities and projects. I do this because I want Kaunas to become a more advanced city, where people would like to live, healthy or disabled.

When we speak about Kaunas, it brings me joy that there are initiatives dedicated to adapting events to the deaf. The hearing ones don’t think that it is rather easy to solve this problem: you only need to take care of the sign language interpreter. There are translator centres that should be supported and strengthened. Youth should be encouraged to choose the sign language interpreter’s occupation, because there are so little of them.


Another problem is that hearing-impaired children and youth who study at schools and universities read the words from the lips of teachers, but they usually find it difficult to understand the meaning of this information and learn the material they are supposed to learn. Maybe this is where sign language interpreter could also be employed. The level of unemployment among the hearing-impaired is high, so we need to answer the questions how these people can enter the labour market. There is also a question how to improve communication among the deaf and employees of various institutions? Institutions could have QR codes and tablets with translations into the sign language. It is very important to raise awareness so the hearing people would become acquainted with how the deaf community works, defy the myths and thus the hearing people would not be afraid to communicate even if they don’t know the sign language, and for them to be open and accepting towards the hearing-impaired. I’ve just mentioned only several problems that should be solved now and in the future.

I expect very much and I will put all the efforts so the deaf in Kaunas could be successfully integrated into the society and lead an active life, that their quality of life would improve and there would be a possibility for them to participate in all city events, museums, concerts, theatres, etc. and for the sign language and subtitles to appear everywhere.