Giedrius Bučas – founder of the social initiative “Kūrybos kampas 360°” (Creative Corner 360°), public/social activist, social entrepreneur. The initiator of the hike around our country For Clean Lithuania, author of various other initiatives and artistic installations.

Kaunas and I

I was born and raised in Kaunas. Here I studied and worked. When I became interested in social activities, I started organising various events, for example “Dziudo turnyras” (judo tournament) for children, a project for young creative artists “Didėja” (Increases), design festival in Design Week in Kaunas, etc. Afterward, the social initiative Creative Corner 360° was developed. All these initiatives are aimed at Kaunas and Kaunas district residents.

My vision is a harmonious and clean world. I see Kaunas first as a green city as due to its compactness we have a great opportunity to implement the idea and we must do it, as we have a lot to protect: rivers, parks-oak forests, mounds, we must protect its residents and the children of all of us.


Green technologies would contribute to the city’s development in various fields, such as education, industry, domestic life, art, architecture, and the surrounding nature. Green, modern, community-friendly, welcoming our city guests Kaunas could be an example not only in Lithuania and at least in Europe but even also in the world.