Flash Voyage (Regimantas Visockis, Germanas Daškevičius, Karolis Pročkys and Rytis Baranauskas) is a psychedelic rock band from Kaunas. In 2019, they released their first album Voyage in a Flash.

Their first hit got 850k views on YouTube. The comments under the video suggest that the band is able to invoke strong emotions and considerably increase the ranks of its fans.

Kaunas and I

“We’ve had an opportunity to move to Vilnius, but we want to improve the musical scene here at home. It’s not good for everything to be based in one city. I think that the revival of Kaunas, which we experience right now, can be an inspiring example for other cities,” says Regimantas Visockis, the vocalist of the band.

“We see Kaunas as a phoenix rising from its ashes very rapidly. Great things include the development of infrastructure and increasing number of events and cultural experiences. People are becoming European and enlightened. It’s nice to feel the sense of community in the city. We miss this feeling in Vilnius, for example, where is a lot of action, but also more of the division between us and them,” notices bass player Germanas Daškevičius.

Band members admit that the situation in the city used to be considerably worse. “It used to be scary to go outside. People avoided meeting. If you wore something flashier or had a more extravagant hairdo, you could receive a lot of angry looks or even a suggestion to get punched. A more alternative culture in the city used to hide in the corners and places like Suflerio būdelė, while now everything is expanding and growing. I’m glad that the approach to street art is changing too: things that used to be painted over now can be visible and public,” says Mr. Visockis and Karolis Pročkys who plays the synthesizer and the guitar in the band.

“When we are in Kaunas, we feel this great enthusiasm of Kaunasians. The city has a lot of potential: unused spaces that can be suitable for exhibitions or concerts. Back then, it used to seem that there were so many opportunities and no one did anything and now you have to do everything before it has been stolen from under your nose,” says G. Daškevičius.


Flash Voyage says that the good changes of Kaunas are related to Lithuania joining the European Union, globalisation, Internet and the change of the mayor of Kaunas.

G. D. My vision of Kaunas: no more repairs! There are a lot of projects in the city. Hopefully they will all get implemented. It is important to keep the old Kaunas, the old interwar buildings.

R. V. In Kaunas, the nature usually intertwines with the city. It is important for the city to keep its green side, not to have it all developed, these green oases must stay, because this is where Kaunasians can recover their strength: Nemunas Island, Ąžuolynas (The Oakwood Park), Vytautas Park, Santaka (The Confluence)… We dream about Kaunas to be a place where everyone discovers his or her place: both sports and art… The future of Kaunas: happy and friendly city with brave people and less hatred.

Band’s drummer Rytis Baranauskas says that when he learned that the title of the European Capital of Culture was to be awarded to Kaunas, it seemed that this event coincided with city’s road to prosperity.

R. V. The upcoming changes will be good for Kaunas: we will welcome a lot of tourists. Moreover, there are a lot of people who don’t participate in the cultural life yet, so we expect that the programme of the Capital of Culture will stir them too. We want for the culture to spread from the centre to other districts and for people to be able to enjoy the cultural life.

K. P. Certainly, after a very big boom, a decline can follow, but we are looking forward to the wonderful years of growth!