Benjaminas Žemaitis – President of Kaunas Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts, Chairman of the Board of “Novameta”, a long-time promoter of the business community.

Kaunas and I

B. Žemaitis is certain that the mutual value both for culture and business will occur first and foremost through open conversations and collaborative relations. As one of the biggest advantages for companies becoming ambassadors of “Kaunas 2022”, he mentions publicity and wishes to get infected by the virus of culture not only for Kaunas city and its districts but also for the whole region.


The more people will get involved, the better will the results be. Still, we mustn’t forget that everyone is getting busier, paces are extremely high today. Besides, Lithuanians are still very reserved and often do not want to see and manage further than their yard. We will be able to say that “Kaunas 2022” valuably contributed to developing civil society by overcoming these barriers.