Benjaminas Želvys graduated from the Lithuanian State Conservatory in 1986, where he studied solo singing under Gegham Grigoryan. The same year he was accepted to Kaunas State Musical Theatre where he created several memorable roles in operas, operettas and musicals.

He is also an initiator and organiser of the international music festival Operetė Kauno pilyje (Operetta in Kaunas Castle). Since 2005, head of Kaunas State Musical Theatre. Since 2013, member of Kaunas City Municipality Council.

In 2005, Mr. Želvys has received 3rd degree Santaka badge of merit for his work for the benefit of Kaunas. In 2007, he received the Medal of the Order for Merits to Lithuania.

Kaunas and I

Even though my native city is Marijampolė, but Kaunas has been my home for 35 years, and all my everyday tasks, big or little, are dedicated to this city.

My future Kaunas grows in my children and grandchildren. Because the city is not only a territory, not an administrative unit, the city is people; if they are happy, creative, friendly, active, so is the city. Every one of us is responsible for a beautiful vision of Kaunas and its realisation.