The programme Wake It, Shake It is here to stimulate changes in the cultural sector by strengthening it and discovering new methods to face the challenges of 2022. We’ll invite cultural organisations, also our partners, artists and communities to set bold, ambitious goals and aim for the highest quality. Cultural operators and creators will be encouraged to engage in surprising partnerships, try out experimental models of collaboration not only between various sectors but also among different professionals of the whole continent. We’re sure that such openness and cultural diversity can result in constant learning, improving and an entirely new, contemporary pace of European cultural life in Kaunas.


We hope that culture organisations will:

   build partnerships;

   attract new audiences;

   start dialogues with culture consumers, examine their fields and create strategies for audience development;

   involve communities in these activities (from decision-making to implementation);

   widen their geographic gaze;

   discover fresh methods of innovative culture services.


Get in touch with us if you’re working at a culture organisation and you want to improve, take part in training sessions, seminars or creative workshops.

Curator of the programme

Daiva Citvarienė


Coordinator of the programme

Justina Petrulionytė-Sabonienė