Hello, modernist!


2018 is a year of essential beginnings for us. An open social network of modernist heritage is taking its first steps with a noble aim – to unite an active, civil community of admirers and professionals of modernism. We hope for the historical and architectural heritage of the Interwar years to become a source of creativity, dialogue, identity and purposeful memory. Every single one of us can add value to our culture, so why not do it together? Modernists, unite!

Around 6,000 objects of modernism are located in Kaunas and Kaunas District: from luxury villas and temples to community buildings, schools and cultural institutions, from impressive masonry structures to modest wooden houses. These are not just spots for visiting  –  we live, work, eat lunch, get mail, study, heal ourselves or create inside them today. Each building is attractive in its own way, rich in its story, discoveries, nuances: it can become open to our culture, our initiatives, exhibitions, tours, poetry evenings. Or it can turn into an excellent place for a local community to meet. In most cases, the potential of such buildings is not being used to the fullest.


Modernism’s social network

We’re waiting for exciting stories, questions and other experiences from the active residents of modernist buildings: www.modernizmasateiciai.lt.

You just need to register or mark the building on the map and then describe it briefly. Even if you’re not a resident of a modernist house, you can still become the virtual owner of it and add to its story if you like that object. There will be more and more buildings on this register, and we’re looking for more virtual owners as well as active content administrators.


Modernism during the year of European cultural heritage

2018 is the European Year of Cultural Heritage. This initiative coincides with the centennial celebration of Lithuania’s independence, which means the country will pay extra attention to the symbols of modernism, especially to such architecture. We’re kindly inviting you to the most significant events of this year:

International heritage protection summer school, June 25-29

This international summer school was named On the way to contemporariness: the historic landscape and value of modernism. It’s an experimental laboratory of heritage protection, aiming to answer the question of how should we create contemporary spaces, at the same time ensuring a new quality of life by preserving our historic modernist heritage?

Information and registration: http://mokykla.modernizmasateiciai.lt/


Forum for modernist cities and regions, September 11

The forum “Early modernism: Central and Eastern Europe” is dedicated to the cities and regions of European modernism. The primary goal is to unite the destinations that believe their heritage of early modernism is an integral part of the historical legacy and to discuss the potential of this heritage while shaping a contemporary identity for the cities.

Information and registration: http://forumas.modernizmasateiciai.lt/


International conference, September 12-13

An international science conference Modernism for the future hopes to examine the diversity, connections, contrasts and similarities of the European architectural heritage of modernism from the 1930s and 1940s. Participants of the conference will analyse not only the historical context of the mentioned period but also the contemporary experiences of interpreting and dealing with it.

Information and registration: http://konferencija.modernizmasateiciai.lt/


Movie for modernism

One of the projects of Kaunas 2022 is the creation of a documentary/art film, which should reflect the different variations of modernism around the world. There are hundreds of little-known places in the world, where modernism played a considerable role in shaping the local identity: cities like Gdynia, Lviv, Brno, Charbin, Asmara, Yekaterinburg. The political or cultural differences can be put aside for a moment since all these places were linked by the same global idea once, and today they have very similar heritage because of it.

If you’re into filming, the movie industry or you’d like to combine that with architecture – drop us a line: zilvinas@kaunas2022.eu.