We invite those who are interested in becoming activators within their local environment to join a programme for creative communities: we will work towards developing more spots for the community to meet, discuss relevant issues and share positive emotions and concerns about their environment. Culture can be found anywhere – we just have to notice it, take part and create together!

Let’s organise community celebrations, workshops of mutual assistance, tours, meetups with residents, sessions to solve any problems. Hundreds of initiatives and creative ideas will make us see our surrounding environment in a new light!


Our vision: uniting culture – creative community!

We’ll say a Fluxus hello this year to:

Šilainiai, Eiguliai, Dainava, Šančiai, Vilijampolė, Akademija, Zapyškis, Garliava! Follow the news about the eight agents of Fluxus and their operations at facebook.com/FluxusLabas.

The plan is to say hello to every representative office of Kaunas and Kaunas District until 2022, hoping for the interpersonal culture to reach all residents of this region.

If you want to join us, become a Fluxus volunteer right now and be a part of the change while acquiring new experiences in community work, event organising, collaborating with creative people, meeting artists from around the world and discovering new perspectives on things that are so close to you – in your town, city or village!

Drop us a line: greta@kaunas2022.eu


If you wish to become an activator in your environment, why not become a Fluxus agent? In the fall of this year, we’ll invite you to in the second session of the Fluxus Hello! training programme. The participants will have the chance to be engaged in proper research, listen to exciting courses on activism, community art, creative placemaking, as well as to learn about implementing game-changing ideas to improve their surroundings. The coordinator of the training programme can provide more information: greta@kaunas2022.eu


We’re also welcoming all institutions and organisations of culture and education, private initiatives, artists and all existing activists from the city and district to collaborate in the programme, to unite for creative results! Kindly send your ideas and brief descriptions of the initiatives to the curator of the programme: evelina@kaunas2022.eu. Fluxus Hello! is organising the first Backyard Festival (Kiemų festivalis in Lithuanian), which will grow together with the programme and will become a community festival before 2022, with artists from Lithuania and abroad taking part alongside local communities. This festival aims to support the most open ideas, to promote traditional and new celebrations, to activate new spaces for the community.


To summarise:

Fluxus is a flow, a state of change and movement. Therefore we can be open to new opportunities, breaths of fresh air, and naturally, we can be courageous in experimenting, trying fresh things out, discovering creative solutions.

Labas! is a word of greeting and meeting.

And the backyards are the most diverse and surprising meeting spots.


So we’ll see you at the next event!