Sounds unlikely? But that’s the truth! Design is not just about fashionable style, solid image or fancy things, it’s the whole material environment that surrounds us. It affect us, and we affect it back. We’re much more dependable on design than we think we are – in that sense, design is universal. Everyone talks the language of design, we just might not know it yet or we don’t associate those processes with it. We probably struggle to find the right words. Have you ever thought about the fact that we only have a noun form of the word design in Lithuanian, and there’s no verb for it like in the English language? Instead we say “to sketch”, “to model” or “to create”. But those are quite different activities, it’s not the same as saying something was designed. As if that wasn’t enough, the socio-cultural and historic circumstances contributed to the issue too: for a long time during the Soviet years, the term “design” was thought to be associated with capitalist logic and therefore was unwanted by the government. Technical aesthetics took its place along with artistic construction – people involved with design were artists-constructors, decorators, creators of models for industry products, not just designers. Naturally, we got lost. If we’re trying to find a way to communicate with the free market of Europe, we need to speak the language of design to our international partners. We must widen the gaze of perceiving design! Why?


Design is so much more than just beauty or aesthetics

Design is not a naked function or a proper operation

Design creates meaning

Design is value

Design is commercial success

Design is a way of thinking

Design is a solution to problems

Design is a way of handling various issues

Design is an experience

Design is not a cherry on top of a cake! It’s an integral part of production, shaping of spaces and the processes of consuming

Design is respect to the variety of consumers. It’s safety in a healthy environment

Design is sustainability, accessibility, inventiveness, attractiveness

Design is power as it’s socially responsible and is based on empathy

Design is an opportunity for happiness!


Finally, Design is culture, and we cherish it by spreading it around in the frame of the Kaunas 2022 project. We aim to become fire starters and provocateurs in the field of design culture, aiming to shape Kaunas into a city worth to be a design destination, while Lithuania becomes a design country.


What’s our plan?

The most important events of 2018:


International Day of Happiness in Kaunas. More info.

Do you know where happiness lives? Maybe you have some ideas about celebrating this day in 2019? Do you want to join us? Even if you don’t, you can surf around for information, share or contact us for other reasons:,


Initial discussion of the design platform. More info.

Get involved, join the conversation. Write to us:


Memory design workshop.

From April to September, an interdisciplinary creative workshop takes place, engaging with students and practitioners of different specialisations. The workshop is based on the principles and ideology of Design for everyone. Pete Kercher (Italy), the main mentor of the workshop and an ambassador of Design for all Europe, leads the parade. Shaping a memory circle in Žaliakalnis is at the very core of this workshop: especially the block of Vaižganto and Perkūno streets, hoping to bring back the purposeful stories of Lithuanian diplomacy, respected personalities and modernist buildings. More info:

If you’re enthusiastic and responsible, you can work in a team and have an open-minded take on the world, work in arts or science, if you’re an architect, researcher, sociologist, humanitarian, designer or you just want to take part in a workshop like this, please register:,


Creative workshop. Design for everyone: Vilkija.

The second interdisciplinary creative workshop will take place from May to September. The main mentor, Pete Kercher (Italy), is an ambassador of the Design for all Europe organisation. The workshop will unfold by collaborating with the community of Vilkija.

Do you care about the accessibility of the physical and visual spaces of Vilkija? Are you enthusiastic, responsible, able to work in a team? If you’re an architect, researcher, sociologist, humanitarian, designer or you just want to take part in a workshop like this, please register:,


Creative workshop. Business + design (Design Boost 5×5).

September-November will witness a creative workshop dedicated to adding value to businesses by using design. Fion Dobbin (Latvia, Germany) will be the main mentor.

Are you developing your business and feel the need for design? Did you run out of creative ideas of how to get into local or international waters? Please contact us! Register:,



For everyone. Everyone!

Do you maybe have ideas about how to grow the design culture in Kaunas? Do you know exactly how to describe design to others? Do you lack some information about the importance of design in our lives? Are you a designer but you don’t know it yet? Are you looking for partners or new connections? Do you want to improve or engage in capacity building? Are you open to new cross-sectoral links? Do you want to receive the news about the design programmes and events? Do you want to join us? Then contact us:,