100 First Times | International Youth Summer Camp
Where: Kaunas and Kaunas District
When: July 7th-15th, 2018


There’s always a first time for everything. What about us and 99 more first times in the middle of the summer? That’s 100 chances for you to feel free, implement new ideas, make a step forward, face some fears, cope with critique, challenge restrictions or question rules thrown by others.


It’s an international youth summer camp, a co-creative platform for younger generations in 2018, year of the 100th anniversary of the restoration of Lithuania as an independent state, organised by Kaunas 2022 | European Capital of Culture.

Our biggest aim here is to foster an inclusive environment where hospitality, shared responsibility and creativity can set the foundation for future communities. We invite You to inspire Kaunas and Kaunas district with 100 new opportunities for a better living together during its International Youth Summer Camp.

At the confluence of the mighty rivers Nemunas and Neris, Kaunas, the second city in Lithuania, together with its green emerald Kaunas District, is a multi-layered crossroad where everybody is invited to connect and contribute!


We want to host 100 Kaunasians, Lithuanians or Global Citizens who are willing to create 100 first times in creative and powerful ways for Kaunas and Kaunas District. We are looking for participants who are curious to explore Kaunas District with its centre Kaunas from a fresh approach. We are seeking young people who are especially excited to connect with new ideas and to collaborate with each other towards shared goals: uplifting energy, enthusiasm, desire for discovery, respect for others, mutual understanding and creativity.


What: International Youth Summer Camp (organised by KAUNAS 2022)
Where: Kaunas and Kaunas District, Lithuania
When: July 7th – 15th, 2018


We still have few spots open and we are so happy to offer them to YOU! 

Please fill in online registration form until June 15th, 2018 or contact us: camp@kaunas2022.eu!

Age: participants should be between 18 and 27 years old at the time of the International Youth Summer Camp.
Commitment: participating in the full programming of 8 days of the International Summer Youth Camp (July 7-15, 2018) is mandatory.
Non-discrimination: we encourage individuals from all backgrounds to apply to this opportunity.
Language: English will be the camp’s official language.
Costs: We will cover accomodation and food costs. There is no participation fee required. Selected participants are responsible for travel costs*

* If you find a scholarship that could finance your travel, we’ll be happy to provide you with a recommendation once your participation has been confirmed.


100 First times program sneak peek!

We are so excited to show you what you are going to see, experience and explore at the International Youth Summer Camp 100 FIRST TIMES by Kaunas 2022 | European Capital of Culture!

We will soon announce the full content of the program!

So far, we can share with you that the daily activities will consist in workshops, gatherings, cultural activities, brainstorms, physical practices, outdoor explorations, debates and celebrations. In a compelling, flowing, supportive and interactive experience for everyone involved, our core idea is to develop sustainable initiatives with the participants and to engage with the local communities of Kaunas and Kaunas District. Every day, extended Team Kaunas 2022 will take you to different locations of Kaunas and Kaunas District and unveil the stories of the city and its surroundings.

In a nutshell: Work-rest-fun (balanced in time), meet and greet, share laughters!


Please write us an email if you have questions – camp@kaunas2022.eu!


Are You ready for your 100 challenges and new adventures?