We are happy to announce that Kaunas has officially been designated the European Capital of Culture 2022.

The official slogan for the city is: “KAUNAS 2022: FROM TEMPORARY TO CONTEMPORARY“.

Kaunas of Lithuania seeks to become a changing force for a local community as well as for the communities with similar problems and issues all over Europe.

The concept of an artistic and overall community program is based on three CONs:

To become CONTEMPORARY we need to overcome CONfusion in our fragmented and censored history and mentality, to understand that we are a CONfluence not only of two biggest Lithuanian rivers, but of very different and sometimes conflicting people and ideas, and, finally, we have to create CONsciousness which can productively lead us to become a more successful community in Europe and for Europe.

By CONTEMPORARY, we mean being CONnected with the rest of Europe, to be in CONtext and to create a new CONtent for our city, our country and our Europe. Therefore, from now on, Kaunas is a place where everyone is invited to participate and contribute.
Or KAUNtribute, as some may say…

The artistic and community program is being launched right away.

The revolutionary TEMPO ACADEMY has already having the first wave of graduates. The Tempo Academy is built on the basis of Kaunas – European Capital of Culture office. It is structured and designated to serve as an impact school with all the activities of an office being supplemented with lectures and classes for local culture community.

The Contemporary MYTH OF KAUNAS – a complex public relations project, aimed to create an attractive narrative for the city, is being initiated as a web page where everyone will have an opportunity to tell a story of The Beast of Kaunas by collaborative writing.

Kaunas the European Capital of Culture 2022 starts now.

KAUNect and stay in KAUNtact!

Contemporary Capital

With such a title and slogan, Kaunas can offer a unique cultural programme for the year 2022. Through the use of various historical moments which have been important in developing the identity of our city, particularly those of the inter-war period when it was the temporary capital, along with its most nostalgic times as reference points to start off from, we seek to create and establish the identity of Kaunas as a city that is modern, progressive, and full of culture, science and innovation with this programme.

Contemporary Capital is a multilayer slogan/title that allows the emphasis of many topics related to the goals of this programme:

(1) The prefix Con in the Latin language has the meaning ‘with’ and emphasizes the social component of our slogan’s concept. In addition, the following elements are emphasized within it: (2) temporary versus contemporary, (3) tempo, referring to the creation of a new cultural tempo in the city, (4) Capital, which is not only used in the concept as the definition of a capital city, which is a significant, decision-making administrative centre of the country, but also as a human, creative, time or economic capital. We will try to elaborate on these forms of a capital in four programme directions.

Programme Directions

CONFLUENCE shall refer to the union or coming together of various projects of art and science, culture and technology, business and cooperation in innovation, inter-institutional cooperation projects and international partnership, along with new works of creation, changes and art residencies.

conFUSION shall refer to uncomfortable and undeservedly forgotten topics: memory actualization (Jewish culture and memory, analysis of the heritage of the Tsarist Empire and the Soviet period, projects for updating opportunities for the exploitation of the heritage of modern forts, inter-war and industrial architecture, as well as projects exploiting heritage.

CONSCIOUSNESS shall refer to the involvement of the communities, hospitality and food culture projects, strengthening of the public spirit, involvement of pupils, students and elderly people, active participation and volunteering.

The structure of programme

Vision beyond 2022 and strategic steps towards it